Fauna of the Outer Hebrides

The islands of the Outer Hebrides have a diverse and complex fauna shaped by geographical, geological and climatic elements, and in some cases influenced by past and present human activity. In common with most island groups our faunal diversity is much smaller than that of the equivalent latitude on the mainland, but nevertheless contains some species which are more typical of more northerly and western areas, and also some species which are sufficiently characteristic to be classified as geographical races or subspecies for example the St Kilda Wren Troglodytes troglodytes hirtensis. Naturally some of the animal groups have been more extensively studied than others, but in general the invertebrate groups are particularly under recorded. We are concentrating on specific groups, particularly Lepidoptera, we are recording and identifying other insects when we encounter them and as time permits.

The website is arranged according to taxonomic orders and the links below will take you to an introductory page and from there you can find individual species from the indices. There is also a search facility which enables you to locate species by using the scientific or vernacular name - there is a search box at the top of each page and also a dedicated Search page.



Emperor Moth