Wild Flowers, Trees and Shrubs
of the Outer Hebrides

To date we have photographed over 120 species from over 40 families of flowering plants, tress and shrubs but this is only a small proportion of the flowering plants. This section of the website includes the Gymnosperms. (conifers) but excludes the grasses, rushes and sedges.

The coastal grasslands, particularly the machair are floristically the most diverse, and indeed the most spectacular when in bloom during June and July. Machair is dune pasture, maintained by traditional, low impact agriculture and It is one of the rarest habitats in Europe, found only in the north and west of Britain and Ireland. Almost half of the Scottish machair occurs in the Outer Hebrides, with the best and most extensive in the Uists and Barra. Although fewer in number the flowering plants of the uplands, moorland and acid grasslands are interesting.

The A-Z index lists of scientific or common names and the photographic Family Index provides a list of species and links to their descriptions, alternatively you can use the search facility to locate species by either using the common or scientific name.


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